Cookies and Privacy


Like most others on the web, this site uses small pieces of information called cookies to help serve the web pages. The following are the cookies we set and use for our website. See a separate notice for cookies used by the Bluestone PIM app.

Session Cookies

This cookie enables us to remember your preferences while navigating the site. For instance, whether you have already seen our cookie information banner.

Cookie names:

  • connect.sid
  • cookieconsent_dismissed 

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to gather statistics on how our site is used. We use this to optimize the content to what our visitors want, and to learn more about where we get visitors from.

Cookie names:

  • they start with _ga

Disabling cookies

You can disable cookies in your browser entirely, or for a given site. How depends on your choice of browser. See for example this page at Wikihow for some examples. Your experience of our website may deteriorate if you opt out of all cookies.


Personal Information

The cookies don't gather or track personal information. If you decide to explicitly share your contact information with us, using one of the means available on our website, you give us permission to store and process this information to the extent necessary for us to serve your needs and for us to perform safe, sound and legal business. Any personal information is kept and processed according to the Personal Data Act of Norway. We do not share personal information with any third parties without express information thereof.