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Wilhelmsen Ships Service implemented Bluestone PIM due to its scalability, connectivity features, and tools for effective collaboration. It has allowed us not only to manage product-related information in an efficient and meaningful way but also to provide our customers with a great seamless experience across online, mobile and offline sales channels

Li Minting, Product Data Manager for Marine Products at Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Thanks to implementing Bluestone PIM, Wilhelmsen Ships Service:

Efficiently manages their global portfolio of products and services
Creates seamless experience across sales channels
Provides localized product information
  • Business challenges

    • Manage the product information of Wilhelmsen Ships Service, a globally operating company, with the ability to adjust to context-specific needs, such as language, currency, metric values, delivery details, or availability
    • Provide an omnichannel product experience to their clients
    • Find a flexible and scalable solution to meet current and future business demands of the world’s largest maritime services network
  • Solution

    • Implement Bluestone PIM to improve the quality of product data and provide different stakeholders of Wilhelmsen Ships Service with relevant information wherever and however they need it.
    • Enhance Bluestone PIM platform capabilities with custom-made solutions based on Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s business-specific requirements
    • Integrate with Episerver content management system using Bluestone PIM API
  • Results

    • Enhanced product catalog management, including the ability to provide context-specific product content, feed online product pages, and improve the quality of printed catalogs
    • Omnichannel efficiency - serving the convenience of Wilhelmsen Ships Service's clients by allowing them to interact with products seamlessly in every sales channel, online or offline, leaving no channel behind
    • PIM experience enriched with collaboration features and additional Apps - Web Preview, External Media Library, Category Management, and Scheduled Tasks - for more efficient workflow
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