Our Best Picks on Bluestone PIM Blog for 2020



2020 may be remembered as a year of setbacks, but it’s also been a year of digital transformation and moving at a breakneck speed. Although we were busy, we didn’t forget to post regular updates on our blog. Here is a curated list of our favorite articles that we published in 2020. Buckle up and read on!

Implementing PIM

Each year brings lessons on how to best implement a PIM solution. Preparation is key, as is discovering the right moment when PIM can significantly help your growth.

For this reason, check out the following articles written by our experts to answer all the questions you have about PIM and how you can get started:

Data quality

Improved data quality is the underlying reason why PIM is so successful at growing and optimizing marketing & sales. No wonder we got into detail and took our time to explain how PIM and ERP systems differ when it comes to using them for master data.

We also described 7 best practices for successful Product Information Management and discussed approaches to building a data-driven eCommerce stack.

New to PIM

We also made sure to cater to newcomers to the field of Product information management so that everyone is up to speed.

Learn the 21 most important terms that can come up in a conversation about PIM. Discover and compare leading PIM vendors to understand how they stack up against each other.

Finally, find out what role PIM plays in the customer journey and customer experience, which is one of the common questions our PIM experts receive.

Customer experience

A focus on customer experience has never been more important than at a time that challenged everyone’s shopping habits and behaviors and also made us all a little bit testy.

Check out the anatomy of conversion-driven product pages for a recipe that will allow you to build a high-converting, optimized product page for eCommerce. Learn how to drive sales with rich product attributes.

Finally, stay ahead of the pack and check out the latest trends that will reign in the world of eCommerce in 2021 and beyond.


There are great gains in eCommerce in responding to seasonal variations in shopping behaviors and customer needs. You don’t want to miss out on these – luckily, we’ve shown you a step-by-step guide on how you can prepare your product listings for seasonal sales.

Also, check out Ecommerce seasonality tips and our Black Friday special with tried and tested tips for SMBs.



The no. 1 feature that drives purchases is product content

Check if you need a PIM system to manage your product content effectively.

Thanks for being with us through 2020 and beyond. Wherever you are, stay healthy and happy, and join us next year to keep learning about the latest in PIM, digital transformation, and digital commerce. Together, we can create the product information of the future. See you again soon!